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Find A Freelance Website Designer With ProMatch Solutions

A good website is no longer a luxury. It is an essential component of a modern business, and this means finding a freelance website designer that can creates the best website design for your needs.

A modern website design needs to display equally as effectively on mobile screens as it does on full size PC screens. This typically means using a responsive design, so that the website changes dimensions according to the size of the screen on which it is being viewed. It is also common practice to incorporate social media elements, add a blog or news section, and if you sell products or items then you can also benefit from high quality and effective ecommerce website design too.

Effective web design means collaboration between designer and client, so you should choose a designer that you can easily get in touch with, and somebody that you believe you will get along with. This is especially important if you have any requirements beyond a very basic design. If you want an app or you want dynamic elements built into your site, or you want to use it as a portal to an existing extranet, then you will need to work closely with the designer.

At ProMatch Solutions, we have developed a unique lead matching system. Once you add the details of your web design project, our system will identify local web designers that offer the type of design and development service that you require. They will be invited to communicate with you via the ProMatch system, and you can then compare reviews and ratings, as well as emails and service details, before choosing the best website design service for your needs. What’s more, once the project is complete and you leave a review for the designer, we will even send you some free SuperCheques as our way of saying thank you for using the service.

Ecommerce Website Design

There are many different types of website. A simple, brochure design, provides basic details about a business along with contact details for how to get in touch. A more complex design may include additional elements, but if you want to directly sell your products or services on the pages of your website, then you will need ecommerce website design. The developer will not only ensure that your site looks good, but they will incorporate payment elements and shopping cart software to make the process of buying from your business as simple as possible.

Mobile Design And Responsive Websites

It has become especially important, in the modern age, that a website can display on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. The number of people searching using mobiles has overtaken desktops, and not only do more people search using their phones, but they are likely to spend more time on their phone than on their computer. Google has also adopted a mobile first indexing policy, so your SEO will benefit greatly from having a responsive website or a dedicated mobile website.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience driven website design is also important. This means that the user will have a positive experience while on the pages of your website. This can help to convert visitors to customers. It also means that your visitors are more likely to share their experience with other potential visitors, and you can attract repeat customers and return visitors with some elements of a well-designed business site.

Dynamic And Multimedia Elements

The more dynamic a website, the more beneficial it will be, and not only to your clients and customers. An ecommerce site is not only convenient to customers, for example. A powerful ecommerce system can be used to track inventory, remind you when you need to order or manufacture more items, and it can effectively upsell and cross sell items. It can even be combined with your POS or shop system to offer overall management of your business stock.

If you have an Intranet or Extranet system, this can be added to your website, providing easy access for your remote workers and freelancers, as well as other stakeholders.

Website Design Prices

Website design costs vary considerably according to the complexity of the design and whether you want any additional features. A simple and small website may be available for £300 or £400. This type of site will normally be built on a platform like Wordpress. It will use a modified template, and you will need to create or source the content yourself.  Large, ecommerce websites, with a completely customised backend can cost upwards of £10,000 and you may still have to pay for content and other elements for your site.


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