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A video production specialist plans video footage, including both audio and video. They use, place, and maintain recording equipment, and they work with creatives and creative teams to come up with the best video footage ideas. As well as being able to use the recording hardware and audio and video editing software, the video production specialist must be able to communicate with clients.

The producer and the client need to collaborate in order to ensure that the finished video is fit for purpose. A freelance video production expert can work in a host of different settings and the videos used for a multitude of purposes. Finished videos might be used for adverts and advertorials, to play to business visitors on their arrival, or they might be used as music videos or for other entertainment purposes. Video producers need to be creative, and they need to be able to translate a client’s desires into a finished product.

At ProMatch Solutions we have developed a unique score matching system. Once a job has been added, the system works to find local freelancers and professionals with the skills that you require. These suppliers will then contact you, via our system so that you don’t have to field multiple calls over the day, and you can choose the one that best meets your needs. What’s more, if you register and choose a supplier, we will send you some free SuperCheques once you review your chosen supplier.

Uses For Corporate Videos

The most obvious use of a corporate video is for advertising and marketing, but this is just one potential use of a corporate recorded video.


Corporate Video Production

Corporate video producers take on every step of the production. They will discuss the purpose and any content ideas that a business has. They will plan the recording, ensure that they have the cast and props that are required, and they will either plan audio recording or get an audio specialist in to help. They will place recording equipment, which they have sourced themselves, and maintain and manage this and any other equipment that is used. They will edit the video, ensure that audio is high quality, and they will generally make sure that the video is ready for distribution or publication.

What Makes A Good Video Production Specialist?

Video production specialists need to have experience in video recording hardware and software. They will need to be able to choose the most appropriate hardware, and maintain and use it effectively. As well as being proficient in the management of recording equipment, they must know how to use audio and video editing software. They should be able to take an idea and create an idea that is in keeping with this idea while being achievable and manageable so they will require good communication skills.

Check the portfolio and testimonials of a video production company to determine the quality of work they produce, as well as to see how the process works with clients. If possible, try to speak to one of their former clients for an honest assessment.


The cost of a corporate video depends on many factors, including the length of video that you want, and whether you want to use external locations. Prices can vary dramatically according to the level of expertise that a company or video producer has, but you should expect to pay anywhere from £200 or £300 for a relatively short and simple piece to as much as £10,000 for a longer piece that requires more complex production.


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