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Graphic designers use computer software and pen to create design elements for logos, websites, company documents, magazines, and more. Rates for this kind of service vary dramatically, according to the type of design work that’s required, but also the level of experience and the portfolio of the designer themselves.

Graphic designers usually work remotely, but they can be called into creative meetings to discuss requirements. Whether you are looking for promotional material, marketing documents, or even technical documentation, investing in a good quality freelance graphic designer can make a big difference to the project in hand.

At ProMatch Solutions we have a database of designers, ranging from the junior graphic designer still cutting their teeth in the design world, to experienced web designers and visual designers. When you post your job, which is a quick and simple process, you will receive messages from professionals that match your criteria. Read reviews and ratings, to help determine the best designer for your project, and once the project is completed and you leave a review for the service provider that worked on your project, we will send you free SuperCheques as a reward for your custom.

What Is A Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer is a creative professional. They create visual concepts, either by hand or using computer software. They are used to interpret and communicate ideas, and in a business setting they are used for everything from the creation of logos and a website design to designing attractive and effective company documentation. They may also be used to design better technical documentation like instruction manuals.

Graphic designers may work as part of a team, or they can work individually. They will often collaborate with other creative elements, and may also combine with the sales and marketing team. Their work must be good, because it will usually be seen by clients, customers, and business stakeholders.

What Does A Graphic Designer Do?

Graphic designers are used in almost every element of business. They create the visible elements of a business, and because their work is often the first thing that your clients will see, it is important that you communicate your requirements clearly and that your designer converts your requirements into attractive and high quality designs.

Why Use A Local Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers are found across the country, although most are located in London and the South East of England. Using a local designer means that you can bring them into the office, show them your premises, and get them involved in the whole design process. They can more reliably convey a positive image about your business, and may be able to help in other areas too.

Typical rates do vary across the country and according to the type of work you require. A junior graphic designer may charge as little as £50 a day, in order to develop their portfolio, while average day rates are between £400 and £1,200 for a professional, experienced designer.


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