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A wedding photographer will document your special day. Depending on the type of wedding photographer you opt for, you can enjoy staged wedding photos, such as the group shot and family shot, as well as candid images that are taken throughout the day. When the day is over and the celebrations complete, your photographer is responsible for editing and printing your images in photo books, placing them in photo albums, or printing them on a host of other items.

Your photographer can catch many moments that you were too busy to see yourself, and in years to come, you will look back on your photos as a way of remembering the special day. It is important that your photographer is able to compose great shots, but they also need to be able to converse with guests so that they feel comfortable, and they will need to take charge of certain moments during the day. Poor quality photos can ruin the day, and even though your photographer should have insurance, it isn’t possible to replicate the day and retake photos.

With ProMatch Solutions, you can stipulate the type of photography you want, the style of printed photo book or album, and any additional services you want. Our system will then compare your desired project to local photographers to find those that match your requirements and that work in your area. Using our innovative scoring system, we then invite targeted photographers to contact you via the system. We can help take some of the stress away from the big day by helping you achieve the best wedding photographs.

Photography Style

One of the first decisions you need to make before deciding on a photographer is the style of photography you want. Traditional photos meant gathering members of the wedding party to take pictures at set times of the day. It was traditional to capture major moments like the signing of the registry, the couple leaving the church or other location, and groups pictures of the guests.

The improvement of camera and editing equipment has meant that more candid shots have become popular recently. With ProMatch Solutions, you can find documentary, reportage, or even destination wedding photographers.

Formal Photography

The traditional style of wedding pictures means asking guests and members of the wedding party to pose for pictures throughout the day. Your photographer will capture the most important points of the day. This is a great opportunity if you have guests travelling to the event that you don’t see very often, and a lot of your guests may want copies of the pictures so that they can enjoy lasting family memories from the event.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

If you prefer a documented and candid style of photo, then choose a documentary wedding photographer, also called a reportage wedding photographer. This style of photographer will take candid shots throughout the day. Although your photographer may ask for some posed pictures, they will be more likely to follow the wedding party around and get images from different stages of the event. This type of photographer will usually blend into the event, trying to capture natural photos of the bride, the groom, and the rest of the party.

Destination Wedding Photography

It is possible to get married in almost any destination around the world. Choose a beach holiday. Get married in a countryside lodge, or go extreme and tie the knot while bungee jumping off a bridge in South Africa. Rather than trying to find a photography service that is local to the event, you can choose a local destination wedding photographer that will travel with you and take pictures of the event.

Using a service that is local to you means that you will have greater control over the pictures, and will be able to more easily contact your photographer. This type of photography does tend to attract higher prices, simply because you will have to pay towards the cost of your photographer’s travel.

Wedding Photographer Prices

Wedding photographer prices can vary massively. An experienced photographer will typically cost more than somebody that is still learning the ropes. A destination photographer will cost more because you will have to pay travel costs. You will also have to choose the style of printed photo products that you want, and these can have a massive impact on the price that you have to pay.


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