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Direct marketing enables you to cut out the middleman. There’s no need to use third party advertising professionals to market your products, because a digital marketing agency or freelancer can perform all the marketing work for you. They build lists, create marketing communications, and they ensure that the message is delivered to as many of your leads as possible.

Although pay-for-performance models are available with some professionals, it is more common to pay a flat fee for the service. Telemarketing and direct mail marketing are among the traditional forms of this type of marketing, and despite businesses’ increased reliance on search engine and social media marketing, they still offer an effective and viable means of marketing a business. Email and SMS marketing, and even social media marketing, can also be considered methods of direct marketing.

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What Is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a method of marketing whereby you sell products or services directly to the customer. It is in contrast to methods of marketing that require the use of a third party, for example selling your products in other shops or using a broker to sell your financial services. Although it is sometimes overlooked, with preference given to SEO and SMM, direct marketing is still a highly effective means of promoting a business and the services or products that it has to offer.

Types Of Direct Marketing

There are a number of different methods of direct marketing. Determine the type you would like to implement for your business, and ensure that the individual or business that you use offers this kind of service.

Advantages Of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing virtually ensures that the recipient is exposed to your brand, and depending on the type of direct marketing campaign you undertake, there is a very high chance that recipients will read or listen to your message.

Direct marketing is not a blanket form of marketing communication. Your message is typically only delivered to people that you believe have a passing interest in the product or service that you provide. This helps to reduce costs while increasing conversions, giving your marketing a campaign a much better ROI than you would enjoy with an unsolicited campaign.

Choosing A Direct Marketing Professional

When it comes to choosing the best direct marketing consultant, it is all about choosing the one that has relevant experience. If you are looking to establish a telemarketing campaign, then it would be pointless and ineffective to employ a specialist in SMS marketing.

Obviously, budget is also important, but if you get a good marketer, they will be able to help reduce costs while tightening up your messaging criteria.

They need a keen eye for detail, and they need to take spam and opt-in preferences seriously. It is your reputation, and that of your business, on the line.


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