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Long gone are the days of a business website and social media profiles being considered luxuries. They are an integral facet of the modern business. They enable us to attract new prospects, convert leads to customers, and improve customer retention. They provide us with a platform for our voices to be heard.

Unless you are an experienced digital marketer, it is unlikely that you will have the time to learn all the necessary skills and put them into practice. There are different styles of digital marketing agency. Choose an SEO expert, PPC expert, or an agency that incorporates search optimisation, pay-per-click, social media marketing, press release distribution, and more. You can use digital marketing copywriters, technical marketing experts, and more.

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Search engine optimisation uses a variety of on-page and off-page techniques to help get exposure from your website in search engine results. Good SEO means using targeted keywords, writing compelling and optimised content, and then developing links and exposure for that content. SEO can reward you with long-term traffic, and with good optimisation from professional SEO services, that traffic will be highly targeted to your specific niche.


It can take months, or even years, for your SEO efforts to really yield results. In the meantime, you will need to pay for the services that you use, and therefore a lot of businesses combine search optimisation with other forms of marketing that return visitors more quickly. Pay Per Click, or PPC, is one such method.

You pay for every click through to your website, from the sponsored section of Google and their network of advertiser sites. Costs vary according to the industry and the specific keywords you want to target, but it is possible to set maximum limits per click, per day, per week, and per month. As soon as you start paying for the ads to appear, you will start receiving traffic to your website.

PPC can quickly become a drain of cash, unless it is carefully and closely managed. PPC marketing professionals can monitor performance, optimise ads, and they can also help ensure that your landing page copy converts.

Other Digital Marketing Techniques

PPC and SEO are two of the most commonly used forms of digital marketing, but they certainly aren’t the only techniques that a website can use.

Content marketing, blogger outreach, and influencer outreach may be used as tools to assist in SEO but they also work to directly drive traffic to a website. Press Release distribution, which was once only really used by major corporations with a huge PR budget, has gone digital and is more affordable than ever. Newsletter advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing are all popular methods of marketing and promoting a website, too, and these fall under the category of digital marketing.

Save Time And Costs

Managing your own digital marketing campaign takes time and effort. SEO and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are fast moving markets, and if you don’t get things right, you not only face the possibility of poor results, but it is also possible that your site could be penalised by the likes of Google. Once you have a penalty, it is very difficult to recover.

You will need to conduct thorough research to learn about all aspects of marketing. You will also need to keep up to date with the latest changes in the industry, and apply these changes to your own work and your own marketing campaigns. There’s also the time it takes to write content, develop links, or conduct keyword research, sign up for social media websites, and get involved with your digital community.

Costs Of Using A Digital Marketer

Costs vary by the type of marketing you are looking for, the industry in which you operate, and the complexity of the campaign.

SEO costs can start from as little as £50 a month, up to tens of thousands of pounds a month. The lowest costs are usually for single page websites in a niche with very little competition. The highest costs are for complex retail sites that have hundreds or thousands of products and have a lot of difficult competition.

For PPC, expect to pay the cost of clicks on top of a management fee. Click costs can vary from a few pence per click in an uncompetitive niche, to £50 or more in a highly competitive, high ticket price industry. Again, you should expect to pay according to the amount of monthly work. A small project with a handful of keywords and an ad spend of less than £1,000 per month will usually cost less than £100, while a monthly ad spend of around £5,000 per month will attract a management fee of up to £500 per month.

Other marketing techniques attract different costs and it is difficult to estimate exactly how much they will cost.


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