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Since the digital revolution, the role of copywriter has become an even more important one. The traditional role of writing ad and marketing copy, as well as company brochures and leaflets, has extended. A web copywriter can write compelling web content that is designed to attract visitors to a website, and convert those visitors into customers. They can work with simple or complex subjects, write content that appeals to any buyer persona, and they can write additional content including news articles, blog posts, whitepapers, reports, and even e-books. If you are embarking on a blogger outreach of other ethical digital marketing campaign, they can also assist in writing compelling copy.

Writing compelling copy is not only a skill, but it is a time-consuming task, especially if you are a novice. Using a freelance copywriter means that you can concentrate your time on the core aspects of running your business, while leaving the writing of web or marketing copy to a skilled and experienced professional.

At ProMatch Solutions, we connect customers to experienced professionals in a host of industries. Submit your job details, wait for responses from suitable writers, and then choose the professional that you want to use.

You won’t be inundated with sales calls; you only hear from those copywriters that you are interested in using.

Once the project is complete, leave a review for your copywriter, and we will send you free SuperCheques as a thank you for using the system. It really is a simple and effective process that will help you to identify qualified, local professionals for any task.

What Is A Copywriter?

Copywriting is a broad category. It includes marketing copywriters, direct mail copywriters, and digital copywriters. You can also find writers that specialise in the production of optimised, SEO content, as well as PR copywriters.

Some professionals can perform more than one of these tasks, while others will specialise in a specific area. When submitting job details, ensure that you provide some information on the type of work that you want written. This will help professionals determine the type of copywriting you are looking for so that you will receive contact from qualified and relevant individuals.

Increase Your Visibility

Whether you use a web copywriter or a PR writer, the aim of using a copywriting service is to increase your company’s visibility.

Press releases, company brochures, and other paper copy content improves your exposure to a physical audience. Content can be published in newspapers and magazines, they can be published in trade journals, or they can be used for direct marketing, exhibiting at fairs and shows, or they can be sent out with invoices and other documentation. This gives you increased exposure, which is the first step in generating more business.

Online copy, including sales pages and SEO copy, also increase exposure. Using a combination of offline and online copywriting to generate exposure from multiple sources.

Convert Your Audience

Increasing the size of your audience is of no benefit to your business, unless you can convert them to paying customers. Optimised content, whether it is physical or digital content, can be used to do exactly that. Optimised content should incorporate Calls To Actio0n, extol the benefits of your business to potential customers, and it should provide them with a reason to buy your product or pay for your service.

Sales copy can take the form of direct marketing letters, email marketing content, and website copy. It needs to be direct, and it needs to walk the buyer through the process. However, it needs to achieve this without being patronising or overly lengthy.

Concentrate On Running Your Business

Even if you can write effective sales copy, is it the best use of your time? Writers research and write high quality content every day. They know how to conduct research, how to fact check, and how to convert these facts into content that converts. Their experience means that they can typically do this in a lot less time than it would take you to write the same piece. If it would take you a day to write good quality copy, this is a day that you could have spent on sales meetings, identifying new business opportunities, or performing other tasks that are essential to the running of your business.

When all is said and done, effective copywriting is a skill. Unless you are a web designer, you wouldn’t attempt to design your own business website, and if you aren’t a solicitor you wouldn’t expect the best results representing yourself in court. Similarly, unless you’re an experienced copywriter, you won’t enjoy the best results by writing copy yourself.

Typical Costs

As with any task, the rate you are quoted will depend on a lot of different factors. Some writers price a job using a cost per word. Some prefer to charge an hourly or daily rate. Others will charge a per project rate. There are benefits and potential pitfalls to most of these.

According to the Professional Copywriters’ Network, the average daily rate charged by writers is £337. There is a significant difference in rates, according to region. Those in London charge an average of £426, while copywriters in Yorkshire and Humber charge the least £252 per hour.


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